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We create meaningful 

Live City was originally born from our love for live music. Our ambition was to capture the powerful and emotional connection that exists in the space between a performer and their audience.

Today, we're creating those connections between brands and their audiences. We take a communicative, service-centric approach to the work we do; understanding your vision is paramount to delivering a compelling digital product that's just right for your brand.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 11.18.42 AM.png


The key to seamless execution- we dive into the creative and the logistical to create a

comprehensive production plan.


We have the people and tools to get the job done and

deliver impactful visuals your audiences can't ignore.

Productions are a team sport and we come to play.

Alicia Moffet
Photo - Model


Where it all comes together. Visuals and

sound design coalesce to form the

finished product.

Ready to share online or in-store.

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